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Smithville Public Library

Library Policy

Policy revised 2005



Revised 2005

                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS


I.  GENERAL POLICY STATEMENT                                                                     

     Purpose and Goals                                                                                                      1

     Responsibility and Authority                                                                                      1

     Hours of Access                                                                                                          1

11. BUILDING USE                                                                                                              

         Community Room Rules                                                                                        2

         Standards of Behavior                                                                                            2

         Form for Reserving Room                                                                                      4

III. STAFF                                                                                                                         

     Librarian Director                                                                                             6                                                                                                               

     Acquisitions Clerk                                                                                                        7

     Reference Clerk                                                                                                           7

     Literacy Program Coordinator                                                                                      8

     Library Assistant/Cataloger                                                                               9                                                                                                        

     Library Page                                                                                                               10


       Opening Procedures                                                                                                  11

       Daily Procedures                                                                                                       11

       Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Procedures                                                                 12

       Closing Procedures                                                                                                    12


      Criteria for Selection of Materials                                                                              13

      Use of Selection Aids                                                                                                 14

      Patron Requests                                                                                                          14

      Gifts                                                                                                                            14                                                                                                                          

      Maintenance of the Collection                                                                                   15

      Requests for Reconsideration of Materials                                                                15

      Collection Balance                                                                                                     16

      Shelf List                                                                                                                   16

      Special Collections                                                                                                    16


     Items Available                                                                                                           17

     Deposit Fees                                                                                                                17

     Computers and the Internet                                                                                         18

     Internet Safety                                                                                                             18

     Audio Visual Materials                                                                                               19

     Microfilm                                                                                                                    19


     Library Cards                                                                                                              20

     Circulating Rules                                                                                                        20

     Inter-Library Loan                                                                                                      20

     Non-Circulating Materials                                                                                          20

     Loans and Renewal                                                                                                     20

     Overdue Materials                                                                                                       21

     Lost or Damaged Materials                                                                                         21

     Copying Fees                                                                                                               21

VIII. PUBLICITY                                                                                                          21


      The Collection                                                                                                         22

      Attendance                                                                                                               22

       Circulation                                                                                                              22

       Money                                                                                                                     22

       Reports                                                                                                                    22


       Guidelines                                                                                                               23

XI. CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY AND STATEMENT                                       25

XII. IMPLEMENTATION AND AMENDMENTS                                                  27


       Deposit Fee

       Gift Receipt

       Library Memorial

       Patron Suggestions

       Form for reserving Community Room found on page 4

                                      POLICY OF THE SMITHVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY

                                                                Rooted in the Past…

                                                            Aiming Toward the Future


                                                         Purpose and Goals


  1. To assemble, preserve and administer books and related library material within  the framework of its budget, in order to enrich personal lives; provide a popular materials library.
  1. To serve the community as a center of reliable information.
  1. To accumulate the best possible library materials and initiate activities which will encourage their use.
  1. To provide an opportunity for continuous education for all age groups, to included preschoolers a door to learning and an Adult Literacy center.
  1. To become the information resource for our community.  Expand the life-long learning opportunities and nurture the love of reading in all of our children.

                                                 Responsibility and Authority

      The Smithville Public Library is under the jurisdiction of the City of Smithville and all revenues and expenditures are reflected in its annual budget. A library board, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council, acts as an advisory board. (Guidelines are part of the Minutes of the City of Smithville, March 9, 1981.)  The building and its maintenance are the responsibility of the City. Staff, permanent and temporary, are employed by the City.

                                                    Hours of Access

The library shall be open a minimum of 46 hours per week, and will observe the same holidays as the City of Smithville. On some holidays, when the library observes a Friday or Monday holiday, the library will also close on Saturday. Service schedules shall reflect the needs of all segments of the community, and shall include both evening and weekend hours.


                                                   Building Use

            Use of the library building by outside groups shall conform to any and all guidelines adopted by the City Council. No group shall be permitted to use the library for official meetings without the permission of the library director. All users must conform with the public library community room policy as stated below.

Smithville Public Library Community Room

No charge to non-profit organizations, or users who perform a service to the community, without charge.

There is a $35.00 charge for individuals or groups that are “for profit”.

If clean up is required, a charge will be assessed.

The misuse of any of the following rules will discontinue the use of this facility.


1. No Smoking

            2. Clean-up (includes depositing trash in cans in alley.)

            3. Secure both doors.

            4. Turn out all inside lights, except hallway.

5. Leave room arranged as found. (If changes are needed for any particular                                                                                         meeting, make sure it is arranged as found after meeting.)

            6. No alcoholic beverages.

7. Make reservations at least one week prior to meeting date.

8. Get key before closing time of regular library hours.

AT NO TIME SHALL ANY SUCH MEETING INTERFERE WITH LIBRARY USE AND ACTIVITIES. LIBRARY ACTIVITIES TAKE TOP PRIORITY. If a person or group have a “standing reservation” from week to week or month to month to use the Community Room on a certain day, the library can rescind their reservation if the library needs the room for one of its functions. Example: The Annual Book Sale.

Individuals with long-standing reservations should call prior to each meeting to make sure the room is available for that week or month.

Standards of Behavior

Behavior that is unacceptable in the Library:

Abandoning and Leaving Unsupervised Children, Texas Penal Code 22.041c


Bomb Threats, Texas Penal Code 42.06

Bringing in Food and Drink. (Permitted in Community Room by groups. No red, orange or colored drinks allowed. Clear drinks such as Sprite are acceptable)

Bringing in Animals, except service animals (example: seeing eye dogs)

Carrying weapons; Fighting

Cell Phone use Except in Designated Areas

Child Abuse, Texas Penal Code 22.01

Disturbing Others Using the Library including excessive noise, playing radios, televisions, tape recorders, CD players, portable video games or use of the library computers

Harassment/Sexual Harassment of customers and staff including physical, verbal and sexual abuse, Texas Penal Code 21.08

Indecent Exposure, Texas Penal Code 21.08

Internet Policy Violations

Intoxication Resulting from Alcohol or Drugs, Texas Penal Code 42.08

Mistreatment and Vandalism of Library Facilities, Materials and Equipment, Texas Penal Code 28.04

Not wearing Shirts, Pants or Shoes

Refusal to Leave When Asked by Library Staff

Smoking inside or close to entrances or property

Soliciting and Panhandling

Theft of Library Property, Texas Penal Code 31.03

Anyone who violates these regulations will be subject to removal. Anyone failing to leave when requested to do so may be charged with criminal trespass, Texas Penal Code 30.05.   




NAME OF ORGANIZATION: ____________________________________________

CONTACT PERSON:               _____________________________________________

ADDRESS:                                 _____________________________________________


PHONE NUMBER                    ___________________________________________

CELL PHONE NUMBER         _____________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS                   _____________________________________________


PERSONS PHONE #                 _____________________________________________

DRIVER’S LICENSE #             _____________________________________________

I Agree to follow all the rules which have been set forth for the use of the Community Room.

____________________________________________________      _________________

(Name)                                                                                                  (Date)

Note from the Librarian:

We are proud of our library facilities, which include a community meeting room. We want the groups in the community to use it. Remember, this is your library so keep it nice for everyone to use and enjoy. We are open to suggestions to better the use of this building. Come by my office during library hours to discuss your ideas.

The library staff welcomes your organization!


The most vital component of good library service is a well-trained staff dedicated to public service. Necessary funding should be provided by the City of Smithville to enable library staff to take advantage of continuing education opportunities and to participate in the activities of their professional library associations. Salaries should reflect local and area pay scales for similarly responsible work. Staffing levels should meet or exceed the minimum recommended by the Texas Library Association Standards and Guidelines for the Texas Public Libraries. The library staff has a Library Director, Assistant Librarian/Cataloger, Acquisition clerk; Children’s and Special Services Librarian, Clerk/Literacy Coordinator and a 30 hour student.

                                                               Library Director

            The library director (also known as the librarian) will be employed 40 hours a week. The librarian should possess previous library or other working experience, and must work well with the public.


  • Identifying library needs in the community and planning and revising programs and services to respond to those needs
  • Training, supervising and scheduling staff and volunteers
  • Developing the annual budget with the City Council
  • Selecting library materials to develop and maintain a current collection
  • Regular weeding of the collection; implementing all library policies
  • Providing reader’s advisory and reference services
  • Developing and maintaining a liaison with community organizations
  • Developing an ongoing and highly visible public relations program
  • Attending meetings as needed
  • Compiling, tabulating and analyzing statistics
  • Preparing reports
  • Handling building maintenance needs
  • Other duties as needed.

                                                             Acquisitions Clerk


Job Requirements:

To provide library materials to the public in a timely manner through collecting and placing orders for library materials, receiving and processing invoices and monitoring vendor discounts and services


  • Collects, prepares and places orders with vendors publishers and book jobbers for new acquisitions
  • Keeps current records of all items on order and avoids unintentional duplicate orders 
  • Screens mail for invoices, confirms receipt of new acquisitions, assists in checking in of received items against order  to ensure receipt of proper items, codes items by appropriate expense account, and submits invoices to Director for payment authorization
  • Maintains invoices and files accordingly
  • Performs circulation desk duties: charges and discharges books, answers the phone, assist patrons in locating library materials
  • Locates or places reserves for materials requested by patrons
  • Attends meetings and training seminars as required
  • Performs other duties as required

Reference Clerk


Performs professional library work answering reference questions, providing reader’s advisory service and selecting library materials for the adult reference collection.


  • Answers reference questions using professional techniques for analyzing questions, and searching resources within the library using printed and electronic resources.  Contacts agencies outside of the library for information and/or referrals when such searching is warranted
  • Assists patrons in the selection of reading material through knowledge of the collection and current literature
  • Reads standard professional viewing media to identify items that are appropriate for collection, and makes recommendations for purchase of adult reference, fiction and non-fiction
  • Instructs patrons in the use of the automated catalog and other library resources such as the Internet
  • Monitors budgets for each funding resource.


  • Assists in collection maintenance by participating in periodic weeding of designated portions of the collection
  • Assists in supervision and training of personnel
  • Assists in monitoring the behavior and conduct of library patrons
  • Performs other duties as required

Literacy Program Coordinator


Job Requirements

Provide overall program coordination.  Performs work related to planning, implementing, and coordinating adult and juvenile programs.


  • Recruits and match volunteers to adult learners
  • Makes referrals for learners to other programs
  • Provides ongoing support for tutors and learners
  • Coordinate the GED and ESL tutoring programs
  • Keep records on all volunteers
  • Provide monthly Stats for director
  • Provide in-library use of audiotapes and videos for ESL program or GED services
  • Receives and requests for tutoring assistance and responds in a timely manner.
  • Pretest Students for GED
  • Procter test when requested
  • Monitors activities in library
  • Help with after school homework
  • Keep in contact with students and volunteers
  • Report to Library Director, Library Board and Masonic Lodge W.J. Nixon about happenings, statistics and other literacy information
  • Attend meetings and training seminars as required
  • Performs other duties as required



Library Assistant/Cataloger

Library Assistant/Cataloger will be employed 40 hours per week and shall possess a demonstrated ability to interact well with all clientele. (Part time library assistants will be employed 20-30 hours per week.) Assistants work under the direction of the Library Director.

Job Requirements:

Must have a broad knowledge of library materials and operations. Must be able to operate independently with a minimum of supervision. Must be able to train and supervise clerical staff. Must be able to communicate effectively with the general public and with subordinates. May be subject to call after normal working hours, plus hours may vary. May be called upon to perform diverse activities. Must be flexible.

Knowledge and use of technical equipment such as telephone, typewriter, copier, library cataloging and shelving equipment, general office equipment, computer, video (VCR), 16mm film projector, film strip projector and other “high tech” equipment required.


  • Locates cataloging data for all materials, including books, AV., etc.
  • Completes processing of the materials
  • Checks in new books as they arrive
  • Performs circulation desk duties: charges and discharges books, answers the phone, assist patrons in locating library materials, helps patrons with copy machine
  • Assists with adding and withdrawing materials from computer catalog
  • Helps with weeding of the collection, including gifts
  • Provides reference and reader assistance to library users, including answering telephone information requests, instructing users in the use of the computer catalog
  • Helps with library displays
  • Assists in shelving of library materials
  • Responsible for Interlibrary loan (ordering, receiving, recording, circulating and mailing)
  • Attends workshops
  • Locates or places reserves for materials requested by patrons
  • Assists in the inventory of the book collection
  • Helps with the mending of library materials
  • Assists library director in matters of public relations
  • Assists in the planning and presentation of children’s programs
  • Assists in any cultural events held at the library
  • Performs other duties as required
  • Runs library in the absence of librarian
  • Helps with purchases                           

                                                         Library Page

Job Requirements:

Performs daily jobs which are needed to keep library services on going. Must have ability to assist in reference and library services. Must communicate with the public and co-workers. Must be friendly and pleasant. May be subject to call after normal working hours. May be called upon to perform diverse activities. Reports to library director.

Must be able to type, use telephone, copier, general office equipment, computer, video (VCR) and 16mm film projector and other high tech equipment available at the library.




  • Performs circulation desk duties: charges and discharges books, answers the phone, assist patrons in locating library materials, helps patrons with copy machine, and helps with children programming, and other duties as requested.9)
  • Assist with adding and withdrawing materials from computer catalog.
  • Cards and shelves books and videos/AV
  • Reads shelves
  • Locates and places reserves for materials requested by patrons
  • Assists library director in matters of public relations and other library related jobs
  • Straightens and maintains periodicals, such as magazines, newspapers and IRS forms during that season.
  • Keeps pamphlets, newsletters and flyers current and neat.
  • Straightens chairs, tables, books, etc. each day



Opening Procedures:

  1. Clear tables and straighten library
  2. Empty book returns
  3. Get money bags out and place in counter drawer
  4. Turn on copier and check for paper
  5. When mail comes, distribute
  6. Check in periodicals, newspapers and shelf
  7. Check date due stamps to make sure date is correct
  8. Check books, videos and shelf.
  9. At 10:00 a.m., turn on lights (three different switches) and unlock doors


Daily Procedures:


  1. Keep books and videos shelved as needed
  2. Call reserves or ILL books that have been ordered, etc.
  3. Answer phone
  4. Work circulation desk (check in and out)
  5. Help patrons with reference questions and find requested materials
  6. Process new/gift books as needed
  7. Straighten periodicals
  8. Pull old pamphlets and replace with current issues.
  9. Check info center for old flyers. Keep everything current
  10. Issue new library cards as needed
  11. Order Interlibrary loans as needed
  12. Check in Interlibrary loans, keep Interlibrary loan correspondence up to date
  13. Check and water plants as needed
  14. Straighten shelves
  15. Read shelves
  16. Count Stats: patrons, room use of materials, reference questions, programming/meeting attendance, etc.
  17. Mail, with trips to post office
  18. Check Director’s box at City Hall for announcements and supplies
  19. Work on special projects with Friends and Library Board, Fundraisers/etc.
  20. Go through donations (books/magazines)
  21. Reserve books for patrons
  22. Clean kitchen after you use it. (During your lunch hour or break.) If used for special programming or meeting, it needs to be cleaned right after the meeting.

21. Check patrons library card before books are checked out. Must have current card

      and no fines before books or videos may be checked out or computers used.

22. Memorial cards when donations are made   

23. Memorials recorded

  1. Money counted and recorded.

Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Procedures:


1.      Over dues – Check shelves, book return: 1st notice – call; 2nd notice – mail letter; 3rd notice – mail bill

  1. Monthly statistics
  2. Monthly newsletter
  3. Large print circuits every three months, deposit collection when needed
  4. Statistics to the Central Texas Library System
  5. Signs on counter for paperbacks
  6. Programming (Children and adults)
  7. Annual report to Texas State Library (yearly)
  8. Budget (July of every year)
  9. Library Board meetings (every two months)
  10. Set up files for each year
  11. Plans and goals for each year
  12. Keep memorial book current
  13. Keep scrap book of events and programming at the library

Closing Procedures:

  1. Clear tables, straighten library
  2. Change date due stamps
  3. Lock all outside doors and meeting room and hallway doors when needed for meetings after library hours
  4. Turn off all machines
  5. Put money in metal box and lock it in file cabinet.
  6. Leave circulation desk neat
  7. Anything left uncompleted due to lack of time should be clearly labeled with explanation of what needs to be done
  8. Check book return
  9. Check to make sure building is empty, including restrooms
  10. Turn off lights, except one row and the hallway
  11. Double check front door and make sure it locks when leaving (listen for click)


                                          Criteria For Selection of Materials

The responsibility for selecting and maintaining materials for the library is the duty of the library staff. Final responsibility for all materials selections rests with the Library Director. All acquisitions are considered in terms of the following criteria:

  1. Contemporary significance or permanent value
  2. Accuracy
  3. Authority of the author in the field
  4. Relation of the work to the existing collection
  5. Clear presentation and readability

Materials considered for inclusion in the library’s collection must meet one or more of the following standards:

  1. Timely value
  2. Permanence
  3. Accuracy of content
  4. Historic value
  5. Readability
  6. Scarcity of material on the subject
  7. Reputation and significance of author, illustrator, artist, performer, etc.
  8. Popularity
  9. Local interest
  10. Importance of subject matter to the collection
  11. Price
  12. Format

In addition to the above standards, periodicals will be selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Indexed in Abridged Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature
  2. Frequency of use
  3. Interest of patrons
  4. New titles on subjects of current interest
  5. Reputation and quality of publication

The library has a responsibility to collect material expressing a variety of views and opinions. The presence of materials in the library is not to be constructed as a personal endorsement of their content by any member of the staff, the Library Board or the City Council. The library subscribes to the principles of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read Statement, Statement on Labeling and Free Access to Libraries for Minors, and of the Texas Library Association’s Intellectual freedom Statement.                           

                                              Use of Selection Aids

The library staff shall make skilled use of the following selection aids:

  1. Public Library Catalog Computer
  2. Books for Public Libraries
  3. Children’s Catalog
  4. Fiction Catalog
  5. Abridged Reader’s Guide
  6. Professional periodicals with excerpts to choose from
  7. Bibliographies from American Library Association, Central Texas Library System and other reliable sources
  8. Publisher’s Weekly

                                                  Patron Requests

As the library welcomes patron interest in the collection, any request for specific material will be considered, although the library is under no obligation to purchase material not deemed suitable for the collection.

A patron who has a suggestion for a specific item to be purchased should fill out a “Suggested For Purchase” form. A sample form is included  in the “forms” section.


Gifts to the library in the form of money, memorials, or materials are welcomed. All money is turned into the City. Monetary contributions designated “Library Contribution Fund” are deposited in a special account earmarked for that purpose. The Library Director will recommend and advise of library needs to the City Council on expenditures of this money, with the City Council having final authority to spend these funds.

Gifts of library materials are accepted according to the following guidelines:

  1. Gifts are subject to all previously stated criteria for selection of materials.
  2. While a part of the collection, gifts will be handled exactly the same way as materials purchased with public funds.
  3. The library may refuse a gift of any item.
  4. When gift materials are no longer useful, they will be discarded in the same manner as other library materials.
  5. Appraisal of gifts must be given by the donor.


Maintenance of the Collection

A complete and accurate record of the library’s holdings will be maintained by the librarian. This automated shelf list will be used in ordering and replacing material, inventorying, etc. and will reflect the basic divisions of the collection, as well as the source and date of purchase of each book.

The spine of each book and all the item’s catalog cards will have the same identifying call number indicating the location of the book on the library’s shelves.

Abridged Reader’s Guides will be periodically examined for the purpose of putting books in order, repairing and weeding. A balanced, well-ordered, timely and attractive book stock should be maintained at all times.

Reasons for the withdrawal of library materials are:

  1. Poor physical condition
  2. Outdated – inaccuracy of information
  3. Lack of reader interest
  4. Duplicates not justified by demand
  5. Failure to meet current selection policies

The Continuous Review, Evaluation and Weeding Manual is used as a guide in weeding and collection.

The controversial nature of materials in not sufficient reason for removal unless the material has been subjected to a full review as outlined below.

                                   Request for Reconsideration of Material

If a patron objects to materials held by the library, he/she may submit a “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” form (sample included in “forms” section.)  No library materials will be removed on demand, but all objections will be reviewed using the following principles:

  1. The complaining patron must be a registered borrower of the Smithville Public Library.
  2. A completed request for reconsideration form must be turned into the Librarian.
  3. The Librarian, after reviewing the complaint and the material, will attempt to answer the complaint to the patron’s satisfaction.
  4. If the matter remains unresolved, the material and complaint are turned over to a Materials Review Committee, which is made up of the Chairman of the Library Board, one member of the Board appointed by the Chairman and the Librarian. The decision of the Materials Review Committee shall be final.


                                               Collection Balance

As the library serves both adult and juvenile patrons, the collections reflect this division. The balances between categories recommended by Public Library Catalog, Books for Public Libraries and Children’s Catalog should be maintained.

                                                     Shelf List

The shelf list should reflect the basic divisions in the library’s collections and should be kept accurate and current.

                                              Special Collections


The following special collections are maintained:

  1. Large Print Books
  2. Paperbacks
  3. Texana
  4. Technological items, including computers, digital cameras, video tapes and machines, DVD machines and disks, audiovisual tapes and overhead projector
  5. Young adults, teens collection
  6. Reference collection



The goal of media services at the Smithville Public Library is to improve library services by making video and audio resources available to the residents of the Smithville area. This collection supports the total library program by offering information and entertainment in a variety of non-print formats. Integrating non-print media with traditional print materials broadens the scope of educational, cultural and recreational programming alternatives available at the library.

The media collection includes computers, (including laptops), video players and tapes, DVD’s and disks, Power Point projector, cassette players and screens, overhead projectors, digital cameras and microfilm. 

Most of the items may be checked out by representatives of local businesses, organizations and schools. The person representing these groups must be a card-carrying patron of the library. Deposits covering the cost of the items will be required in the form of a credit card (or personal check if approved by Library Director.)  These items may not be checked out for an individual’s private use. The checkout period depends on each request, dates needed and availability.

Deposit Fees are as follows:

Power Point projector: $3000.00

Digital Cameras: $200.00

Laptop Computers: $700.00

Overhead Projector: $100.00

Slide Projector: $50.00

If the item borrowed is misused or broken, the repair cost will be the responsibility of the patron. If the item is lost or stolen, the deposit will be non-refundable to cover the cost of replacing the item.


                                                Computers and Internet

The Smithville Public Library is not responsible for any information accessed that may be offensive and/or illegal. Restriction of a child’s access is the responsibility of the legal guardian. Legal guardian signature is required for anyone under the age of sixteen (16).

  1. Only current Smithville Public Library cardholders who are registered library computer users may use the equipment. Users must present their library cards to gain access to the equipment.
  2. Noise level must be kept to a minimum during use of computer. Library staff will issue a verbal warning initially. If the noise continues, parents will be contacted if the user is a minor. A 3rd warning means termination of computer use for two months. Permanent termination occurs after a 4th warning.
  3. Equipment is available during all regular library hours.
  4. Due to space limitations, no more than one registered user will be allowed at one computer station at any time.
  5. Equipment, including the mouse, is not to be misused or abused.
  6. The computer may be used for a ½ hour block of time. The user may remain on the terminal if no one else is waiting. Use of the machine is a first come basis and you must check in and sign up if necessary.
  7. To protect the computer from viruses, users MAY NOT use their own software programs. Users are NOT to save files to the hard disk (Drive C). Files may be saved on floppy disks in Drive A only. Users may not use their own diskettes. The library has disks available for $1.00 each at the front desk.
  8. Anti-viral/file protection software is loaded. Attempts to break the code, illegally copy software, damage the files, change setups in the system software or adding software will not be tolerated and will result in the withdrawal of all computer use privileges.
  9. Internet services provided,  including email.

The library patron will be held responsible for any damage they may cause to the computer including repair/replacement costs resulting from the use of damaged or virus-infected diskettes or misuse of equipment.


Internet Safety

The Smithville Public Library provides uncensored access to the Internet as one means of fulfilling its mission to “address the informational, educational, recreational and cultural needs of all individuals…” All Internet resources accessible through the Library are provided equally to all users, with the understanding that it is the individual user’s responsibility to demonstrate judgment, respect for others and appropriate conduct while using Public Library resources and facilities. Filtering devices are used.


Internet computers will not be used by anyone, including minors, for illegal activity, to access illegal materials or to access materials that by local community standards would be objectionable.

Library employees are authorized to take prompt and appropriate actions to prohibit use by individuals who fail to comply with the rules.

Audio Visual Materials:

Audio-Visual materials owned by the Smithville Public Library are cataloged.


The microfilm collection consists of genealogy and local interest materials, such as census records and some old local newspapers . Microfilm is for in-library use only and does not circulate. A microfilm reader and printer is available in the library.



                                                 Library Cards

Prospective patrons must show a current commonly-accepted ID or Texas Driver’s license in person in order to be issued a library card. No mailed application will be accepted. All applicants should include on their application their own telephone number and a number where they may be contacted.

Children (under the age of 16 years of age) may receive library cards if acceptable ID is presented by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian is responsible for the return of books, audio tapes, videos, fines, damages and replacement of lost materials. NOTE: The parent or guardian must also have a current and fine-free library card.

No individual who does not have a current library card may check materials out of the library. Any person is welcome at any time to use library materials in the library.

                                                Circulating Rules

The sole purpose of these rules is to maintain a freely circulating collection so that as many people as possible may enjoy the materials owned by the Smithville Public Library.

                                                Inter-Library Loan

Inter-library loan users must have a valid library card. Charges for return postage, photocopies (if applicable), insurance (if applicable), or any other operating expenses are to be paid by the patron utilizing the inter-library loan service. These fees must be paid before the ILL item may be taken from the library.

                                            Non-Circulating Materials

Reference books (indicated with “R” above call numbers) are provided for library use only and are not to be circulated for home use.

Current issues of periodicals received regularly by the library may not be checked out. (All other issues of periodicals may be checked out for two weeks.)

                                                  Loans and Renewal

Circulating material belonging to the Smithville Public Library may be borrowed for two (2) weeks and renewed either in person or by telephone provided that (1) there are no outstanding fines on the book and (2) no one else has requested and placed a reserve on the material. Subsequent renewals are at the discretion of the librarian.


                                                 Overdue Materials

A 10 cent per day book charge/$1.00 per day video charge (excluding days the library is closed) fine is charged on overdue materials. This fine begins on the second day a book or video/DVD is overdue. The book fine is not to exceed $4.00 and the video fine is not to exceed $10.00.

The library staff will make one attempt to call. The second notice will be by mail to contact patrons with overdue materials. If materials are not returned, a bill will be mailed for the overdue fine, plus the cost of the items overdue, with a $5.00 processing fee added to the fine.  No other materials may be borrowed by a library patron who has overdue books and/or outstanding fines.

                                           Lost or Damaged Material

If any library material is lost, the patron is to pay the replacement cost of the item or an acceptable substitute plus $5.00 processing fee and a receipt acknowledging payment is given. No other library materials may be borrowed until the library record is clear. In the case of minor repairable damage, a percentage of the book cost is charged and the book is rebound or repaired by the staff.

                                                        Copy Fees

Copies are:

15 cents for an 8 x 11 ½ or an 8 x 14.

20 cents for an 11 x 17

$1.00 for color copies


It is the duty of the library staff to encourage library use and increase circulation. Attractive displays throughout the reading room and appropriate bulletin boards and glass cases should be utilized for this purpose. Articles in the local newspaper and other newspapers, newsletters, book reviews and other activities of the library will create interest in books and reading.



                                                    The Collection

The collection is maintained for the use of library patrons. Complete and accurate updates will be installed to the computer and provide the library staff and patrons records of the library’s holding. The collection should be inventoried on a regular basis so that an accurate report may be made to the Central Texas Library System, the City of Smithville, and the Texas State Library concerning the library’s holdings. The CREW Manual shall serve as a guide for this inventory.


A daily attendance record, broken down by patrons, room use, reference questions, new cards issued and programs/groups will be helpful in determining the actual use of the library and be valuable in ordering materials.


A daily circulation record should be kept, indicating the number of materials in each class that have circulated. Record should also be made of the number of items used in the building, Inter-Library Loan materials circulated and the number of reference request.


The amount of fine money collected is calculated automatically by the computer.


The daily reports are recorded so that an accurate monthly report can be given to the Library Board, the City Council and to facilitate preparation of the annual report required by the Texas State Library.




  1. Library Board to be considered an Advisory Board with recommendations made to the Mayor and City Council for approval. (Ordinance 9809-322)
  1. The Library Board is to be composed of nine (9) members. The membership shall represent the ethnicity of the community served by the library. Members will be appointed to the Mayor with City Council approval.
  1. Library Board members shall be appointed for two-year terms. No member may serve more than two (2) successive terms of office. Five members of the Board will be appointed in odd numbered years and four members in even numbered years. In the event of the death or resignation of any member of the Library Board prior to the expiration of his or her term of service, the Mayor shall nominate, and the City Council confirm a successor who shall serve out the unexpired term and shall enter upon his or her duties at the next regular meeting of the Board.
  1. The Board shall meet six (6) times a year. The Chairman of the Board may call special meetings when necessary.
  1. The Board shall elect its officers from its membership.

The Officers of the Board shall be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary. The Treasurer (City Secretary) of the City shall serve as an Ex-Officio member of the Board and any funds collected will promptly be delivered to the Treasurer.

The duties of the Officers shall be:

Chairman: Conduct all meetings and serve as a liaison between the Board and the Mayor and City Council. The Chairman shall work closely with the Mayor, the Council Representative and the Librarian and keep abreast of the workings of the Library.

Vice-Chairman: Shall serve in the absence of the Chairman and shall serve as the Board’s representative to the Friends of the Library.

Secretary: Shall keep permanent records of all meetings and shall file them in the Library.

  1. The library board shall report annually to the city council through the library director on the condition of its affairs. Prior to acceptance of the city budget by the city council, the written recommendations and proposed budget shall be submitted to the mayor at the budget workshop by the library director.


  1. Five (5) voting members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.
  1. The Board shall recommend rules and regulations relative to the operation, management and use of the library to the Council for approval. These rules and regulations may be changed from time to time to meet the needs and best interest of the Library, subject to the approval of the City Council.
  1. In the event of three (3) consecutive absences by a member from regular meetings of the Board, without leave of absence granted by the Board for good cause, the Secretary of the Board shall notify the Chairman of the Board whose duty it shall be to notify the Mayor. This vacancy shall be treated in the same manner as a vacancy by death or resignation.
  1. The Library Board, in the entirety, shall be entrusted with the responsibility to encourage and support a  Friends of the Library Organization.
  1. They shall promote library programs and services.
  1. Each member is responsible to head a committee and report at each board meeting.
  1. Each member should keep current on library events, both locally and in surrounding communities, as well as state level. All information is valuable for library operations.



In recognizing the library’s position of special trust with members of the public, the Trustees of the Smithville Public Library wish to clarify their policy and responsibilities with regard to confidential information about patrons (and patrons use of library resources) that comes into the library’s possession.

As the choice of books and other library materials, along with the use of the informational resources of the library is essentially a private endeavor on the part of each individual patron, the library shall make every reasonable and responsible effort to see that information about that patron and his choices remains confidential. For people to make full and effective use of library resources, they must feel unconstrained by the possibility that others may be come aware of the books they read, the materials they use, the questions they ask. The awareness of the existence of such a possibility inhibits free usage of the library, its resources and facilities, and is contrary to the ALA Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement.

Therefore, the Trustees of the Smithville Public Library have adopted the following guidelines concerning the disclosure of information about library patrons:

No information regarding or including:

1. A patron’s name (or whether an individual is a registered borrower or has been a patron.)

2. A patron’s address

3. A patron’s telephone number

4. The library’s circulation records and their contents.

5. The library’s borrowers’ records and their contents.

6. The number or character of questions asked by patrons.

7. The frequency or content of a patron’s lawful visits to the library or any other information supplied to the library (or gathered by it) shall not be given, made available or disclosed to any individual, corporation, institution, government agent or agency with a valid process, order or subpoena. Upon presentation of such a process order or subpoena, the library shall resist its enforcement until such a time as proper showing of good cause has been made in a court of competent jurisdiction.


All library employees (and those volunteers who work in its behalf) are hereby instructed to comply with these guidelines. The Trustees recognize that it is only through continued public confidence in the fact that these guidelines are indeed being upheld, can the public maintain its confidence in the public library. It is this confidence that is vital to the library’s role in the community and the community’s right to know.



The policies stated herein are to be implemented by the Librarian and library staff. Specific operating procedures which follow the principles and guidelines set out in the Policy Statement may be drawn up the Librarian to aid in implementing these policies.

Official policies of the Smithville Public Library may be amended or changed upon action and recommendation by the Library Board and approval of the City Council.


                                                            DEPOSIT FEE

Certain items available to our patrons are fragile and expensive, so it is necessary to obtain a deposit on these particular materials. They include laptop computers, digital cameras, DVD players, C.D. players, Power Point projector, an overhead projector, and a 16mm film projector, to name a few. A deposit will be required on these items to cover their costs. A credit card # will be needed to check out these items. The deposit will be returned in full once the item is returned in good working order and undamaged.


CONTACT PERSON:______________________________________________




PHONE:    Home__________________________________________________




CREDIT CARD #:_________________________________________________

Expiration Date:___________________________________________________

Full name on Credit Card:___________________________________________

ITEM BEING BORROWED:________________________________________


DATE CHECKED OUT:____________________________________________

 DATE DUE:_______________________________________________________

                                                 GIFT RECEIPT FORM

Gifts of materials are accepted by the Smithville Public Library with the understanding that they may or may not be added to the library’s collections. The decision to include gift materials will be based on the following considerations: whether the materials meet the Library’s standards of materials selection; whether the physical condition is satisfactory and whether the Library needs the material (or added copies in the case of duplicates.)

            Please understand that the library cannot make a dollar evaluation of gifts. If you need a listing of materials donated, you need to supply that list at the time of the donation for certification by the librarian.

NAME: _______________________________________________________



CITY, STATE & ZIP:____________________________________________



DATE: ________________________________________________________

                                                  LIBRARY MEMORIAL

In memory/honor of:______________________________________________

Donated by:_____________________________________________________








Donation amount:__________________________________________________

Specific purpose:___________________________________________________

                                           FORM FOR PATRON SUGGESTIONS

I suggest the library purchase the following:




YEAR PUBLISHED_________________________________________________

*Where did you hear about this title?_____________________________________

Please give as much information as possible. All items “*” must be completed before the library can consider your suggestion. If you would like to be notified when the suggested item is received, please give your name, phone number, email address and regular address on the back of this form.

Thank you.

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