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Book Review by Sam [3]

The Thief Queen's Daughter

Title: The Thief Queen’s Daughter

Author: Elizabeth Haydon

Genre: Fantasy

Age group: Child-Teen


Ven Polypheme is a Nain, a race of ancient mountain dwellers that live four times longer than humans and mature four times slower. After having a wild adventure taken from home and winding up in another kingdom, Ven meets the King Vandemere, and since he has an odd sense of curiosity, he is hired as the king’s Royal Reporter.

At the start of the Thief Queen’s Daughter, Ven is summoned to the castle. After having been asked by the king to explore the Thieves Market and find the origin of a glowing stone, Ven  is fired! Ven  leaves the castle confused but takes some friends to the Thieves Market and while there, his friend gets stolen when the gates are about to shut, sealing him in the Thieves Market! But faithful friend, or pickpocket, Ida comes to the rescue. But Ida has a secret that may change things and help reveal the stone’s origin. Will Ven and his friends escape the Thieves Market? Will they find their friend and the stone’s origin? Find out by reading The Thief Queen’s Daughter!

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