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Book Review by Sam3

Lyonesse: The Well Between the Worlds

Title: Lyonesse: The Well Between The Worlds

Author: Sam Llewellyn

Genre: Fantasy

Age group: Teen


In the world of Lyonesse, wells connect the underwater world and Lyonesse. Some of the young people in Lyonesse have the ability to speak with their minds and communicate with the monsters from the wells. Young Idris is claimed as being a Cross, half monster half human and has to be rescued by a mysterious man. Along his trip to his new life, he means with a new girl who is coming along. Her name is Morgan and the two of them will become best of friends through their Monstergroom, or monster catching, training.

While training to catch monsters, Idris uncovers a dangerous plot. Idris and Morgan have to figure out what is going on. While Idris is snooping around, he is nearly caught but slips into a room locked with a sword in the stone, that won’t come out for anyone else. What Idris finds out is that he is a direct descendant of the rightful king and Morgan is his sister! Can they save their kingdom from fraud Crosses?

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