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TXDOT TAP Grant Additional Information


All TAP funding provides for 80% of construction costs. Through the TXDOT TAP program, Smithville qualifies for an additional 74% discount for being in Bastrop County, one of the “Economically Disadvantaged Counties,” plus an extra 2% discount due to population size (for a total of a 76% discount) to the required 20% match. In other words, for every $100 in project cost, the required match is $20, but with the discounted rate, the City of Smithville would only be required to provide $4.80. In this program, match can include engineering and other approved “non-construction” costs, although all federal dollars MUST be used for construction. CAMPO TAP will require a 20% match, but does NOT allow for an “economically disadvantaged county” program, meaning City of Smithville will be required to provide $20 for every $100 in project costs.


Funding opportunities for transportation projects are available periodically primarily through TXDOT and CAMPO, which both require evidence of public participation for a strong application. To be better prepared for upcoming calls for proposals, the City of Smithville seeks to update its public input regarding pedestrian and bicycle paths. The last major effort in this respect was for the Smithville Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program in 2010.

The Smithville SRTS Plan called for approximately 56 blocks of pedestrian and bike paths throughout the City. About 22 blocks were funded through the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TXDOT) SRTS program, which provided nearly $300,000 in construction funds. With these funds, Smithville built pedestrian paths in three areas: 1) along Loop 230 from Bluebonnet Circle to McSweeny; 2) along SE and SW 4th Streets connecting Brown Primary to Eagleston; and 3) from SW 4th Street to the Smithville High School along Washington. (See Map.)

The City of Smithville is interested to know if these routes are still relevant, whether other streets should be considered in the future, and which projects can be listed as the Smithville community’s top priorities at this time. When funding opportunities become available in the future, the City of Smithville will be able to take these priorities back to the public to see if they still reflect the needs identified by community members.


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